a few of the more common questions

Will my current site experience any downtime while the new one is being worked on?

If you have a current site, it will remain active during the process of designing your new site. When you are ready to launch your new site, there may be a few minutes of downtime while the domain is pointed from the old site to the new site but usually there is no downtime at all.

Will I own my website when you’re done?

Upon completion of the project I hand over all ownership of the design and design-related files to you, so you may use them as you see fit for your business. The website is hosted with the chosen hosting/cart provider and you pay them a monthly or yearly fee to host the site and files. This account will be in your name and billed directly to you, so you will have full control over your website.

Will I be able to update my site on my own?

Absolutely! You do not need to know HTML or buy any special software to do the daily, ongoing maintenance of your site (i.e. adding/editing products, managing orders, etc.) Many of our clients are first-time online business owners and that is why we use platforms that offer easy-to-use interfaces for clients to manage their sites on their own.

I have questions, can I still contact you?

Sure, just send me an email - It’s much easier for us to keep track of what you need when we have it in email format.

How does the web design process work?

Please check out our Web Design Process page for details.

Will there be other fees after the design is done?

There are no additional/ongoing fees from Jem Website Design for the design after the project is complete unless you request additional work or maintenance at a later time. The ongoing fees you will have in general for running a website will be for your web hosting and domain name registration. Those fees vary depending on which provider you chose to go with, usually charged monthly or annually.

How long does a custom web design take?

The time frame for custom sites varies depending on the scope of the project, how much information is readily available by you when we start, and how available you are to answer emails and provide information & feedback. You should generally allow 1 to 2 months for your project to be completed.